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Your Healing on Deep DNA level!


Currently, many people on the planet are suffering with their health on different levels: physically, emotionally & mentally. It is my life purpose, my mission to be in service of those who are open to creating a better life for themselves. For the last 21 years, I offer support helping people to create closure from various life stories, in emotional, genetic & soul pain from the past experiences. In 2005, I got permission to bring the Crystal Bed back to The Netherlands, to help people here. As a trained therapist, I have offered myself as an assistant in working with the Crystal Bed and the helpers that come through. The Crystal Bed creates a clean force field within and around the clients, so I can see their system like a hologram. This view eventually leads me toward the cause of their challenge. A Crystal Bed session is supporting a client’s system to become whole and connected, which gives a feeling of completion. This leads to a beautiful transformation during this life and you take this transformation with you after you leave this life. Healing is a journey and sometimes people notice immediate results and for others it may take some time. Everyone transforms toward their soul’s goals at their own pace. The clients that stick with this journey will never go back to their old habits, their old patterns….it’s not possible once the new reality has settled into one’s system. Even after one session, clients can experience more peace in their bodies, more ease in daily life and more clearness in their head.